I’ve had some great clients in my time as a web developer. that provide all the required documents, copy and images and will pay you on time, every time.  I want more clients like this.


Then there’s the ones that give you incomplete copy, crappy images and expect the world. In my experience, these are the clients that rarely pay on time, expect unlimited revisions, change their mind at the drop of a hat and use you as their personal IT department. 
I think it’s unavoidable, although unpleasant when dealing with businesses that you get a few bad cases here and there. It doesn’t take away from the face-palming and hair tearing frustration when you hear they haven’t even looked at the manual you spent hours preparing. They’d rather call you to resolve the most basic problem.
I understand that not everyone is a s computer literature as others, but I think it’s just plain lazy and disrespectful to not even look at the instructions provided. Sometimes I wish I could be more picky with clients, but when you’re trying to make ends meet, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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