Frasier podcasts

I listen to quite a few podcasts, pretty much every day in fact. One of my favorite tv shows of all time is Frasier, so when I stumbled upon a podcast that reviews each episode hosted by Kevin Smith of Jay and silent Bob fame and Matt Mira, called “Talk salad and scrambled eggs”.

If you’re after a high brow, cherry sniffing romp then you might be a little let down as these guys talk about all kinds of things that sometimes have nothing to do with Frasier, but that’s okay because it’s all interesting and I really like their banter and style. I’m no prude, but I find they swear a bit too much so this is probably a little nsfw if your playing it out loud, that’s the only thing I can find that I dis-like.

If your a fan of Frasier and like Kevin Smith’s work then I can recommend this podcast and look forward to (hopefully) hearing from the cast or crew as-well.
Each episode runs on average of 1.5 hours


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