The Egg

After reading The Martian by Andy Weir I wanted to find more of his work as I heard there are a couple of short stories out there.So I found one, called “The Egg” and it was a little mind blowing to say the least.

It’s hard to review it without giving anything away, so it’s best to just spend a few minutes reading it and draw your own conclusions. Let’s just say the story is a conversation between two people that 

I don’t follow or believe in any religion and in my opinion, anyone who claims to know whatever is after this life is a fool or a liar ( to quote some unknown person). But I found his story to be a very interesting concept, none the less. If the outcome of it turns out to be the truth, then it’s guaranteed to be a wild ride.
It only takes a few minutes to read, so if you want something with a different twist then give this a go. (4/5)

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