Tomorrow, the ABC series

I’ve been reading a bit recently, quite a bit actually. The series that has had my kindle battery going flat is the Tomorrow series by John Marsden.

I have read 5 of his 7 books in the last few weeks, every time I finish one, I start another almost immediately. The stories are thoroughly intoxicating, I find my heart beating fast as the characters are on another mission to survive in the new world after the invasion.

So, I’ve seen the movie some years ago, that was great and the reason why I started reading the books, but now I’ve heard that the ABC (Australia) is creating a series based on the book series. I can’t wait, although I’m positive I’ll finish reading the entire series way before I even see the first episode.

The series is airing some time in 2016 on the ABC, the twitter handle is #TWTWB and more about the series can be found at the and

To anyone wanting a heart pumping adventure series I can 100% recommend the books which you can get from amazon here.

And here is the trailer for the upcoming series


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