Deviot, a much better alternative Arduino IDE

The default IDE that ships for the range of Arduino boards isn’t really my kind of application. I have searched and tried quite a few on Linux over the years and have settled on a great one called Deviot.

My biggest issues with the official IDE were the lack of customisation, font sizes and rendering are horrible and not extendable at all.

I have found a great plug-in that works with the Sublime text editor, it’s not really my text editor of choice, but I found just using the official IDE drove me away from coding the Arduino, so I’m all for using Deviot.

Here’s how to get it going on Ubuntu Linux

  1. Install Sublime Text 3 from
  2. Open Sublime and open Install package control with Ctrl + Shift + P
  3. In the dialog, type install package
  4. Type in Deviot, the package will appear as the search feild is narrowed
  5. Click on the package an it will be installed
  6.  Confirmation output of “Installation finished, now you can enjoy Deviot!” is displayed in the bottom panel

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