Using Openbox as your window-manager in Xfce

I've always preferred to use the best tool for the job such as Xfce and Openbox.I find Xfce to be the best all round desktop environment and can't fault it at all, but wanted to merge the awesome experience that Openbox gives in regards to a lightweight window manager.So, how exactly do you use Openbox … Continue reading Using Openbox as your window-manager in Xfce


Install Wordgrinder .60 in Linux

To me the best applications are designed to do one thing and do it well, that's the UNIX philosophy.¬† Wordgrinder is definitely an awesome application. It's a word-processor for the terminal full of features that you just wouldn't expect. It has spell-checking, bold fonts, italics and import/export to a range of file formats. It really … Continue reading Install Wordgrinder .60 in Linux

Notifications in Lubuntu/Openbox

Customizing Lubuntu is mostly down to personal preference. I like things a certain way and I've listed a tweaks that I do on a fresh install of Lubuntu/Openbox.Change notification time:Firstly, we need to install xfce notification daemon by sudo apt-get install xfce4-notifyd Then we can change the preferred settings by invoking the following command:xfce4-notifyd-config¬†Volume notification … Continue reading Notifications in Lubuntu/Openbox

Multi-select, ctrl space not working in Lubuntu

When using PCMANFM in Lubuntu, I like to have the ability to select multiple items via keyboard shortcuts. By default in Lubuntu 14.04 LTS the keyboard shortcut ctrl space should select multiple items but there is a shortcut conflict that is easy to fix.To fix this issue, go toMenu -> Preferences -> Keyboard Input MethodsSo … Continue reading Multi-select, ctrl space not working in Lubuntu