Using Openbox as your window-manager in Xfce

I've always preferred to use the best tool for the job such as Xfce and Openbox.I find Xfce to be the best all round desktop environment and can't fault it at all, but wanted to merge the awesome experience that Openbox gives in regards to a lightweight window manager.So, how exactly do you use Openbox … Continue reading Using Openbox as your window-manager in Xfce


Alt tab all windows in Lubuntu

Using alt tab on Lubuntu can be a pain if you are used to all the desktops to be shown. But this is a simple solution, all we need to do is edit the following file (use whichever text editor you prefer)nano .config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xmlFirstly, find section Edit to look like this (added line in red): yes … Continue reading Alt tab all windows in Lubuntu

Notifications in Lubuntu/Openbox

Customizing Lubuntu is mostly down to personal preference. I like things a certain way and I've listed a tweaks that I do on a fresh install of Lubuntu/Openbox.Change notification time:Firstly, we need to install xfce notification daemon by sudo apt-get install xfce4-notifyd Then we can change the preferred settings by invoking the following command:xfce4-notifyd-config┬áVolume notification … Continue reading Notifications in Lubuntu/Openbox